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Ready to Go, But Not Yet Publishing

just drafts is one part news ticker with commentary and one part real-time research about game-based learning and game-based education, game design, and game-related media ethics. Other game-related topics (storytelling, branding & marketing, copyleft wars, gadgetry, and so on) you’ll find at my flagship blog between drafts in various categories.

News ticker posts will feature a quote like this one from an external source, only longer.

To that I will add a commentary, preferrably not much longer than the quote. The post’s headline will link not to the post itself as expected, but—indicated by an arrow at the end of the post title—directly to the source of the quote (a principle I picked up from John Gruber’s site and fell in love with over the years along with #4a525a). A permalink for the post itself will be provided at the end of the post; see below, in blue. Research posts titles, in contrast, will have no arrow and behave like good, old-fashioned blogposts.

Yee-haw! See y’all soon.