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Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything fame, ripping hype marketing from “self-driving cars” to “AI” to shreds on his YouTube channel:

All of this has gotten people worried that a super intelligent AI is right around the corner, that the robots are gonna take over[.] It’s all bullshit. That fear is a tech bro fantasy. Designed to distract you from the real risk of AI. That a bunch of dumb companies are lying about what their broken tech can do so they can trick you into using a worse version of things we already have, all while stealing the work of real people to do it.

Even though the video’s been uploaded only yesterday, it’s glaringly obvious that most of it was recorded roughly two weeks ago—that’s how fast things move right now. Thus, if you’ve followed the news cycle in general and this blog in particular, you will recognize most if not all of the events and motifs, only much funnier and with a lot more f-words.