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Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins just got banned from Midjourney for posting a monumental Twitter thread about the Orange Fascist getting arrested, prosecuted, thrown into jail, escaping, and ending up at a McDonald’s as a fugitive, illustrated through several dozen Midjourney v5 images.

(In case Space Karen takes this thread down in the name of Freeze Peach, here are some excerpts on BuzzFeed.)

Whether that’s funny or not, I leave to you. The interesting bit is what else Midjourney did ban:

The word “arrested” is now banned on the platform.

As someone intimately familiar with language change and semiotics and stuff, and as someone who’s also followed the perpetual cat-and-mouse game between China’s Great Censorship Firewall and its clever citizens over the years, I recommend we’all order a tanker truck of popcorn and place bets on who’s going to throw in the towel first.