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An illustrated essay by yours truly that I published on

Today, figuratively speaking, these technologies will be implemented in our design tools and graphics editors and search engines and word processors and translation/transformation apps and game engines and coding environments and digital audio workstations and video production editors and business communication platforms and diagnostic tools and statistical analysis software in everything everywhere all at once fashion with the possible exception of our singularly immobile educational systems, and we will work with them without batting an eye once the novelty value’s worn off. And by tomorrow, what were once miracles will have become children’s toys.

It’s a 14–minute read, according to It started out as a post for this blog, but grew to a size more conveniently digestible over there. Along with all the things mentioned in the quote and in the headline, I also touch upon AlphaGo’s successor, cotton candy, social and economical dynamics, and late-night visits to the refrigerator.