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As an update to my original linked-list item on Wordle, I mentioned C Thi Nguyen’s thread on Wordle’s social graphic representation:

But the cleverest bit about Wordle is its social media presence. The best thing about Wordle is *the graphic design of the shareable Wordle chart*. There’s a huge amount of information—and drama—packed into that little graph.

Every game of Wordle is a particular little arc of decisions, attempts, and failures.

But each little posted box is *a neat synopsis of somebody else’s arc of action, failure, choice, and success*.

Now, if you’re so inclined, you can turn your lovely little graphs into lovely little buildings:

Wordle2Townscaper is meant to convert Wordle tweets into Townscaper houses using yellow and green building blocks. You can download the tweet contents, parse pasted tweet contents or manually edit of 6 rows and 5 columns. Optionally, you can also choose whether wrong guesses should be left blank on Townscaper or filled with white blocks. Ground floor is always needed because you can’t change its color.