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Great podcast chat to listen to between Robin Hunicke and Kimberly Voll. Docks right into the mixed graduate/undergraduate course on “Social & Ethical Dimensions of Player Behavior and Game Interactions” that we wrapped up two weeks ago.

We’ve really come a long way. Once, as related by Kimberley Voll, it was like this:

One of my defining moments prior to Riot was sitting in a meeting with someone discussing a survey that had just gone on, a survey of players, and they then really said, we can throw away the results from all the female players, because that cleary wasn’t their demographic.

This podcast delivers a barrage of experiences, current research, and interesting approaches to digest, from the differentiation between imaginative space and social space in MMORPGs to the effects of competition on player behavior, or the absence of social constraints in digital games that promote and enforce behavior like sportsmanship in non-digital games.