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Today, I made some changes to just drafts.

To begin with, I switched the background color from its original daringfireball-flavored grayish-blue to a more maritime-flavored grayish-green. (It’s called “Dark Slate Gray,” but never mind.) If it’s still grayish-blue, hit CMD-R on Mac or CTRL-R on PC a few times to reload the cached style sheet.

Then, I installed a lightbox plugin and added a “slide” icon to the link class; it will display the post’s Open Graph/Twitter Card image in an overlay if you click on it. (That’s the image you see when the post appears on social media.) I might throw in a few other pictures as well.

Finally, I remembered that I created this side blog back in 2014 not merely for research-adjacent blog posts about game-based learning and game-related ethics; I also created it to link to, and to briefly comment on, external content related to games in general. (Whereby, in linked list–fashion, the post’s headline links to the source, not to the post.) This will recommence soon.

Also, I fixed a few bugs.

That’s it.