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“LOL Thanks for the Free PR I know the Editor N Chief of Kotaku, IGN, Engadget I’ll be meeting them at CES”

the one and twenty

the one and twenty

“They still haven’t shipped yet on the way here from china”

Penny Arcade just published the most incredible email conversation you will ever read—well, okay, at least the most incredible email conversation you will ever read about a long-placed order of gaming equipment—featuring Ocean Marketing, a customer, and a Xmas pre-order of two Avenger Controllers!

Things become really special from December 26 on.

As Bob Beschizza puts it, in a few sentences:

After weeks of promises, a game controller company failed to deliver a long-placed order in time for Christmas. The customer complained, carbon-copying his email to industry bloggers and luminaries. The company’s representative not only threw abuse back at the customer, calling him a “bitch,” but boasted about his relationships with the CCd editors of Kotaku, IGN, Penny Arcade, and so on. Can you guess how that worked out for him?

It worked out great, of course. PR worked its magic.

But wait! There’s more! Apparently, someone at Ocean Marketing has shut down the cooling system.
Note: The Examiner took its article down and no one mirrored it. Bummer. The gist of it: “The Examiner published an article revealing that the Ocean Marketing website plagarized several articles on their official blog “with little to no attribution of sources whatsoever.”

Amendment 2011-12-28 Now it’s become a meme. And it’s getting better by the minute!


Ocean Marketing vs. Penny Arcade: Just another day in the office at Ocean Marketing.

A comprehensive event log you’ll find over at Know Your Meme.

Enjoy! And don’t forget your popcorn.


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